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Escort Service in Port Dickson

Seductive Escort offers outcall escort service in Port Dickson to tourists, expatriates as well as locals who require young and beautiful escorts at affordable prices. If you would like to be seduced by a gorgeous young girl Seductive Escort is the escort agency to contact in Port Dickson. After all, our tagline is “seduction at its best”. Our girls are experts at seducing men. Have you ever been seduced by a girl?
We have a great selection of escorts who are part-timers and overseas students. They are normally in Malaysia for one month only as we change escorts regularly. Our girls are young (18-25), sexy and elegant while their service is guaranteed to blow you off your feet.

Seductive Escort - Seduction At Its Best
Escorts 1 Hour 3 Hours 6 Hours 9 Hours 12 Hours
Thailand --- --- RM 850 RM 1,400 RM 1,600
Vietnam --- --- RM 850 RM 1,400 RM 1,600
Philippines --- --- RM 850 RM 1,400 RM 1,600
Indonesia --- --- RM 850 RM 1,400 RM 1,600
China --- --- RM 1,100 RM 1,650 RM 2,000
Threesome (2 girls 1 guy) --- --- X 2 X 2 X 2
Massage --- --- RM 100 RM 100 RM 100
Seductive Escort's rates for Port Dickson. Rates exclude delivery fee.
For threesome the price is double the amount shown. The minimum order for Port Dickson is 6 hours while there is a delivery fee.
Massage is an additional service and is only available when you order an escort. For a small fee (refer to massage rate above) our beautiful escorts will give you a soothing massage.


Seductive Escort accepts cash as well as payment via Paypal. If you wish to pay in foreign currencies inform us when you place order and our operator will tell you the price in foreign currencies.
Full payment (cash) must be made to the girl or driver when they arrive. When full payment is made the girl will contact us to inform us that service is commencing. This is when time starts counting.

Seductive Escort
Seduction At Its Best

* We would appreciate if you could recommend our escort agency on relevant websites, blogs and sex forums. Thank you. Don't forget to save our contact number as well as pass it to your friends. In return, we get our gorgeous girls to seduce you till you surrender.
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