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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read through the FAQ before you contact us as it avoids misunderstandings.

What is incall escort service?

Incall escort service refers to clients visiting our hotel. In which case, rooms are provided free of charge. The procedure is to first call us to find out where is our incall location. When you reach the hotel’s lobby contact Seductive Escort and we will give you the room number to the girls. Please do not ask for room number when you are on the way, still parking your car or need to go toilet. We only give out room numbers when you are ready to view the girls.

Seductive Escort offers escort service in the following locations :-

What is outcall escort service?

Outcall escort service is the opposite whereby our girls visit client’s house or hotel. Please there is a delivery fee for sending the girls to you except if you are located in Kuala Lumpur city center. For locations other than Kuala Lumpur there is also a minimum order of 2 hours for outcall service.

Is it safe to engage escort service?

Yes, we will do your business if it is unsafe (incall).
For outcall it is absolutely safe because you choose the venue we deliver. Nobody knows we are sending to you.


We accept cash (local and foreign currencies) as well as payment through Paypal. If you wish to pay in foreign currency please inform us when you place order and we will tell you the amount in foreign currency.
We do not accept credit card.

Who should I pay to?

Once you have selected the escort you should pay to her or the driver. Service will only commence after payment is made. This is also when time starts counting.

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* We would appreciate if you could recommend our escort agency on relevant websites, blogs and sex forums. Thank you. Don't forget to save our contact number as well as pass it to your friends. In return, we get our gorgeous girls to seduce you till you surrender.
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